LCC’s wasteful and dangerous plan for Scotland Road

As we are so used to politicians wasting billions on nonsensical projects, I suppose the £85,000 plus that Pendle and Lancashire County Council is going to spend on opening up the top end of Scotland Road to make ten parking places will seem small beer.
Scotland RoadScotland Road
Scotland Road

To change it from a pedestrianised precinct to one that allows traffic is not only ridiculous but highly dangerous and once again clearly has not been thought through.

It is claimed that it will boost sales in the shops on that stretch. What rubbish. Unless it is strictly patrolled two things will happen. The first is that it will become a rat run; the second is that drivers will overstay the time limits (if there are to be any, which I doubt) as vehicles will park there instead of in the nearby streets or in Goitside.

If in twelve month’s time this absurd move results in major increases in turnover to the businesses then I will empty the Leeds and Liverpool Canal with an eggcup.

Mrs I. Prendergast