Keep our park safe for children

Since the formation of the Friends of Brungerley Park in 2009, the group has worked tirelessly to make improvements and create a family park which is more popular than ever. Every penny spent has had to be raised by the Friends, BUT – and you knew a “but” was coming – there is an increasing problem with dog mess.

Last week, the gardeners had to remove a bucketful of dog faeces near the entrance before they could plant new rhododendrons. They also removed some from the wooden mushrooms children play on. Out of their own pockets, the gardeners regularly fill up a row of bird feeders which they have put up for the benefit of all. To fill them with seed is an obstacle course between dollops of dog mess.

There are three dog bag disposal bins in the park, so please use them.

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We are asking every dog walker to be thoughtful and keep an eye on their dog when it is off the lead and not go walking on ignoring any problems their dog has left behind.

Remember, the park is a place of work for some and for others a recreation spot. Keep it safe for children and don’t spoil all our work. Please be considerate and pick up after your dog. Let others enjoy the park too.

The Friends of Brungerley Park