Jobsworths have no idea about our roads

I totally agree with the complaints in last week’s front page article “Review appeal after ‘crazy’ road signs go up”. The jobsworths at the council are clueless and out of touch with what goes on in their borough.

I regularly cycle this route as part of an extended ride, but have often faced oncoming cars speeding round blind bends as motorists seek to avoid the no right turn facing vehicles coming from Skipton and wanting to turn into Pendle Road to Clitheroe.

It’s downright dangerous.

And there is often speeding on the other section too, probably from the same imbeciles that dump the leftovers of their MacDonalds or Subway takeaway in the verges late at night. Whatever happened to the much-promoted 20mph limits being applied to side streets with significant pedestrian presences in town? This road is a vital leisure facility used regularly by as many pedestrians and cyclists as any side street in Clitheroe.

Local authorities are able to designate country lanes as “quiet lanes” in rural areas under the Transport Act 2000. Why not this route? It seems to fulfil that role to a tee.

RV man