It’s important to use your vote

Don’t you care about the future of your country?

Do you appreciate there were almost 460 million UK citizens eligible to vote in the 2010 election: but only two thirds voted.

That means almost a third of UK citizens were too uninterested in what happened to their town or the country? This is what happened in Germany in the 1930s and they got Hitler. The same disaster could happen in the UK.

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We live in a democracy and are happy to accept the very many benefits so many died for in 1939/45 and since. We are also happy to receive free NHS medical attention, unemployment benefits etc and all the other advantages of living in a free society, but are you among the many non-voters that do much of the grumbling about their standard of living or how the town or country services are run?

Isn’t it time each person took responsibility and voted for those they feel should be managing the country’s affairs.

It is too easy to say my single vote can make no difference; but there were almost 15 million like you whose vote could make a massive difference to who governs us.

Non-voters’ have no right to complain when things go wrong, they were too disinterested to care.

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I’m a strong conservative. I’m 90 and an RAF aircrew veteran, but I am not advising you to vote as I do. I am saying “take responsibility”, please vote – for Labour, Liberal or Conservative. Whoever you feel is right to lead the country to further prosperity. Don’t waste a vote.

The country does not need another Coalition. It doesn’t need bickering for bickering’s sake. It needs positive Government. Ignore the also-ran parties. UKIP reminds me of Hitler in 1935, so very popular with his promises. Whatever their good intentions, also-ran parties only fog the issues. We need a Government with full authority which can maintain Britain’s current good world standing. Or will you welcome the Scottish SNP to gain enough MPs to control whoever gets in power?

Their aim? Another referendum to split the country.

Maintaining the high standard of the NHS health service is paramount but it will always be stretched whoever is in power.

Every day science and technology is producing new drugs (for meningitis, cancer etc) or bionic apparatus for assisting injured limbs etc. All very expensive, but bringing hope to thousands.

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But how can the NHS expect to afford every new advance and offer them to us, the average citizens, unless the Government in power maintains and continues building our strong economy? Without it, no party can succeed.

It has to be the most important aim of any party in power.

Think. Every one of you. Your vote counts.

Maurice R. Hamlin (90)

RAF Veteran