Is this really a 20mph zone?

The route I refer to here comprises in Whalley – Church Lane, The Square, The Sands, and Broad Lane.
20 MPH speed limit20 MPH speed limit
20 MPH speed limit

About 12 months ago, small “20” signs appeared on lamp posts. I believe these indicate you are driving within a 20 mph limit zone, there were however no signs to indicate the start and finish of the zone.

About three months later, the official 20mph sign was errected at the entrance to Church Lane, but no sign to indicate the end of the zone.

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At this date, about 12 months since the original small signs, there is no sign to indicate the end of the zone travelling west or to indicate the zone exists in the oposite direction.

I believe that, as the staturory signs are not in place, no speed limit exists so drivers can and do travel at 30 mph along The Sands on a route which includes two churches, a junior school and Whalley Abbey – a tourist attraction.

Perhaps someone from LCC can explain the situation which exists?

Don Nicholson

Church Lane,

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