‘Inconsiderate’ teachers strike is affecting my future

I am a 16-year-old pupil at Park High School in Year 11, the inconsiderate proposed strike action has led to our headteacher issuing a letter to all pupils declaring the school would close last Wednesday.

While I support the headteacher in this action on the grounds he has stated in his letter, I must condemn the industrial action being taken by trade unions in this the most crucial year regarding my exam results.

We pupils affected by this industrial action NEED to be at school to complete our course work deadlines, I feel this will seriously affect my exam results and possibly my future education choices.

Whatever the reasons Mr Gove has given to cause these unions to call industrial action, he should have considered the effect it will have on all the young people being affected.

I have written to my MP Mr Andrew Stephenson, Coun. Joe Cooney, 2BR, and Radio Lancashire expressing my deep concern for the education future of all pupils affectd by this.


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Concerned pupil