I’m so glad Xmas is over

I’m glad Christmas is over, and no, that doesn’t make me a “Scrooge” or a “Bah Humbug” merchant!
Xmas lightsXmas lights
Xmas lights

I’m just someone who chooses not to indulge in what has become a two-month-long gluttony of mass consumerism and tacky marketing of what are increasingly known as “The Holidays”, thanks to seemingly all-engulfing American popular culture. It seems that calling it Christmas might lead to those of other religions feeling offended or, God forbid, excluded!

One of the reasons I don’t really “do Christmas” is that I have no religious faith and it is, like it or not, a religious festival. Though having said that, Chritianity hijacked what was a long pre-existing mid-winter festival observed by many pagan sects. Religions, generally, are very effective at repurposing existing celebrations to their own end. Now it seems the tables have turned, as capitalists repurpose religious festivals to their own profits.

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Then again, if Christmas was restricted to regular church-going committed Christians, it would be a much more discreet affair.

I don’t shun it – I like turkey and stuffing as much as the next man, I give gifts to loved ones and receive some too, though it’s out of societal convention rather than religious conviction. But I do heave a huge sigh of relief when it’s all over. Huge, but shortlived.

Because I have already seen marketing for the next consumerism opportuinty, Valentine’s Day, more than six weeks before the event, and then it will be Easter eggs everywhere you look.

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