I’ll still do food shopping at ethical Co-op

Some weeks ago Roger Frost responded to my letter concerning Co-operative Food Store provision in the Burnley area. I am indeed a former pupil of his. My apologies for the lateness of this reply, having been out of action due to a bad back.
Supermarket shopping. Picture: Ross Parry Agency.Supermarket shopping. Picture: Ross Parry Agency.
Supermarket shopping. Picture: Ross Parry Agency.

I bow down to Mr Frost’s superior knowledge of the Co-op stores then and now. “Brierfield - Little Moscow” - I’d have liked to have seen those days. My understanding of how the food retail side of the business is run was evidently rather simplistic, as Mr Frost put it, “their former customers have been abandoned to the German independents”. That said, they do remain an ethical business so I’ll continue to do some of my food shopping at the Co-op. The Padiham store is closed, there is a further hit list.

On a lighter note, is it correct they’ve booked Father Christmas to turn the long-anticipated Gannow Top (traffic) lights on over Christmas?

Adam Parker

Shakespeare Street, Padiham

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