I will be voting for UKIP

I and a growing number of people wish for one overarching principle – that the laws of this country be made by the people who live in this country!
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We wish to be trading partners with Europe, but not governed by it.

We wish that our politicians be more than cardboard cut-outs and cared more for the people they are meant to represent than they do about their careers.

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What do we want other than these basic demands? Lower taxes, yes I mean for poorer people. No tax on the minimum wage. Cheap and reliable energy so we don’t have to worry about putting the heating on. Oh, and one more thing – actual border controls so we can control who and how many people come in to our country.

“Little or no financial rewards” for the politicians of LibLabCon you say?

You must be joking! Has the expenses scandal left your mind already?

Thanks but I will be taking Edward Johnson’s advice and UKIP will have my vote.

M. Goodwin

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