I want to see more newspapers in the library

Albert Einstein said: “When you stop learning you start dying”. Spot on Al! So I sent a copy of the following letter to the County Library Manager at Lancashire County Council.
library bookslibrary books
library books

I wrote: “As a Ribble Valley ratepayer, I wish to complain about the poor and biased newspaper service given to Whalley patrons. Just one left-of-centre newspaper, one daily, plus the local Clitheroe Advertiser and Times. Why no political balance? You could learn more by visiting Padiham Library who, each day, have three daily newspapers, plus their weekly local one. Well done Padiham! I believe in democracy and balance. Please help me.”

On the viewpoint form, I made my complaint and it states: “Write to us - we promise to contact you within 15 working days”.

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Thirty-nine days later and still no reply. Some “promise” some “quality service”. It is worth noting Padiham is a strong Labour area whereas Whalley is stalwart Conservative. Me – I’m neither.

So, what next for county council? Having to apply for planning permission before you get a complaint answered or maybe – but I won’t hold my breath – a reduction in the circa £150 I had to pay last year out of my small state pension into your public sector pension pot.

Bert Hardwick

Station Road, Whalley