HS2 won’t deliver Northern economic boom

So HS2 is not just a high speed train, it is also a gravy train.

Potential HS2 train design.
Potential HS2 train design.

We already knew the eye-watering estimate for this White Elephant scheme (£42.6b.) would inevitably rise before a spade hit the ground.

And now the project boss is planning to hire 30 people each on more than David Cameron’s £142k salary - so a minimum of £4.2m. - despite the Coalition Government saying public servants should not earn more than the Prime Minister.

Many hard-working council employees have lost or are losing their jobs because of austerity cuts. They’ll doubtless be thrilled to know the money saved on their wages is going to fund these senior HS2 jobs, on top of the £600,000 already being paid to the chairman and £750,000 to the chief executive.

The Government can always find money when it wants to fund something, including this vanity project, which will never deliver the promised Northern economic boom.

Paul Nuttall MEP

UKIP Deputy Leader