Help to save our Post Offices

Help! Is anybody going to come to the rescue of Post Office Ltd?
Post Office. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA WirePost Office. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
Post Office. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

As the management of this business seek to reduce their deficit they are not interested in expanding their services or sourcing new areas of business, nor holding the Government to account over David Cameron’s statement of 2010 that post offices would become the front office for government services, with no reduction in the number of branches.

In the past five years since his statement, none of this extra work has materialised and together with a compliant management where innovation, dynamism and determination are alien concepts, the Post Office has been directed onto a course of managed decline.

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The management has reduced the services and transactions available so many offices can be downgraded to “locals”, saving money through drastically reducing the amounts they pay to sub-postmasters, many of whom are leaving as they are unable to exist on the severe reductions in income.

A number of postmasters are now accepting compensation payments designed to encourage them to leave and close their offices if they can find another business to take the services.

So, if your post office is set to close or move into a store you now know the reason for this.

Of course, the customers were not consulted, otherwise this policy might not have been pursued.

You should now expect a propaganda statement from the Post Office or some government minister on the subject.

Relief sub-postmaster