Have you a Home to let?

Please, please, we are desperate. I have lived in Pendle for over 40 years and I am desperate to come back to the area.
Can you help us find somewhere to live?Can you help us find somewhere to live?
Can you help us find somewhere to live?

Because we have two small dogs letting agents won’t touch us. We are living in a house in North Yorkshire, which is in a terrible state: damp, black mould, no heating and the landlady will not do any repairs. If the people of Pendle can get an old lady back from Portugal, can somebody help us please? We don’t need any financial help, just somebody with a property they could rent to us, preferably in the Trawden, Earby, Barnoldswick or Foulridge area.

I am a well-known dog person in the area. We are 70 and 71-years-old and I am in poor health because of the conditions we are living in. We have a doctor’s letter to back this up.

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I don’t want to die up here. All we want is a quiet, peaceful life back near my son and daughter and grandchildren.

There must be someone out there who can help us and we don’t mind being isolated as we are quite used to that sort of environment.

I have been on DLA since 2005 and now have diabetes and I would like to be able to go to Airedale Hospital again.

I can be contacted on 07713 965564.

Mrs Jenny Roberts

Formerly Springthorpe