Gym working with council after complaints

I am writing in response to your article “Action to be taken over ‘noisy gym’”.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 2nd February 2014, 9:00 pm

As part-owner of the gym in question (The Unit Training Facility), I would like to offer my point of view on the situation referred to in the article.

Ribble Valley Borough Council’s planning committee have voted against The Unit’s application for change of use from light industrial unit to fitness studio because they believe there is an unresolved issue with noise disturbance. We will be appealing this decision. We believe the headline “Action to be taken” could be misinterpreted. And would like to inform members and potential new members we are co-operating fully with Ribble Valley Borough Council to resolve these issues.

After speaking to Ribble Valley’s Enforcement Officer, I have been informed the “Action to be taken” is more of an investigation into the re-submission of our application than actual enforcement, which I believe the title implied.

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We would like to make it clear that since being made aware of complaints of noise disturbance from nearby residents, we have complied fully with the requests of the council in respect of this.

We were asked to reduce our opening hours to comply with the building’s original planning use, which are 7am to 8pm. We also agreed not to play music before 8am. We have adhered fully to these requests, to the detriment of our membership. Due to family and work commitments, some of our members can only train before 7am and after 8pm. As a result of the changes to our opening hours, some members have chosen to attend alternative establishments or not train at all.

We have not held any 8pm classes since we were asked to adjust our opening hours and this had adversely affected, in particular, our commitments to Clitheroe Bike Club, who had pre-booked classes for this time slot. The bike club have been extremely understanding of our situation, but their reason for training indoors is one of safety as it’s too dark to train effectively and safely in the evenings on the roads in the winter months.

We had also started a free running club which held classes at 8pm because this was the most convenient time for most members to train. Many of our club members went from complete beginners to being able to run 10Km events, and some went further and ran half-marathons achieving PBs and raising money for charity. As a result of conforming to the council’s advised restrictions, we have had to disband the running club.

May I take this opportunity to apologise to the residents of the housing estate affected by this situation and appeal to them for patience until the issues can be resolved, and also thank our members for their understanding and support.

Mark Edlington-Booth

The Unit Training Facility, Clitheroe