Gordon Birtwistle is a hard-working MP

Labour Councillor Sue Graham would do well to remember why, in 2010, the good people of Burnley rejected the Labour party’s chosen candidate for the first time since 1931.

Gordon Birtwistle at the opening of Kaman. (s)
Gordon Birtwistle at the opening of Kaman. (s)

Using theyworkforyou.com, quoted by Coun. Graham, we find our last Labour MP, Kitty Ussher, voted strongly for ID papers for citizens, post office closures, political interference in coroner’s inquests and the “Bedroom Tax” for private tenants but voted against stronger regulation on gambling, against an EU Referendum and SIX times against an inquiry into events leading up to the Iraq war.

Having had to resign after only eight days as a Treasury Minister, due to “embarrassment” relating to her Parliamentary expenses, she announced she wouldn’t stand for re-election, exiting stage left back to London...as Labour left the country virtually bankrupt.

Incidentally, the MP whom Kitty Ussher’s voting record most closely matches, while our MP, was a certain Tony Blair, as they voted together on 99.2% of votes.

Not all of us may agree with Mr Birtwistle on everything but he’s certainly been the most effective and hard-working MP that Burnley has seen in years.


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C.J. Rawson

Foxcroft, Burnley