Free car parking would encourage shoppers

In response to Coun. Simon Hore’s criticisms, as a councillor and chairman of the borough council’s Economic Development Working Group he should perhaps start by looking at why such a group as C-TAG should feel it needs to be formed in the first place.

RVBC should be helping the town and borough by reopening some public toilets for a start and encouraging residents and visitors to shop locally. Cutting essential services such as toilets is not an effective way forward, since it alienates the electorate and drives away visitors.

Car parking should also be free and more readily available to discourage roadside parking and encourage shoppers. It amazed me that the car park in the prime spot by the Railway Inn was built on by Ribble Valley homes without provision for a ground level car park under the building.

Let’s get the basics right and move forwards towards a better borough, not criticise those trying to make it better.

Richard Dugdale,

Park Avenue, Clitheroe