For ‘difficult decisions’ read ‘cuts’

I see Communities Secretary Eric Pickles is heaping praise on Ribble Valley Borough Council for helping to deliver the Government’s programme of swingeing spending cuts.

It’s ironic that while Tory councillors are on the streets of Clitheroe demanding our flags be fixed, our roads repaired, our school crossing patrols saved and our transport subsidies preserved, they support a Government that has cut, cut and cut again.

Council Leader Stuart Hirst is quoted in your newspaper as saying since 2010, under the Conservatives/Lib Dems, the Government Grant has been cut by 40%. This year alone the amount of money we will get is being cut by £363,000.

Coun. Hirst says there have been no cuts to public services in the Ribble Valley, but that is simply not true.

Public toilets across the borough have been closed to save money. The “Services to a Neighbourhood” has been axed to save money. Just two examples of cuts to public services by the Conservative council.


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Some of our vital services are provided in the Ribble Valley by Lancashire County Council, but it too is having to find hundreds of millions of pounds in savings because of Government cuts.

The Conservatives constantly talk about making “difficult decisions”, so much so I hear brainwashed people repeating it.

What they really mean is CUTS! So every time you hear those two little words substitute it for the word CUTS.

The Conservatives have promised us there will be even more, deeper cuts to come if they are returned to Government on May 7th. I have no doubt this is one promise they intend to keep.


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The choice is yours.

David Waters