Fed up of being a lone voice for the community

As I put my pen to paper possibly for the last time, most people will know of the problems we have here in the Duke Bar area of our town. They will also know of myself and the work I have done to try to address these things on behalf of the residents, alas without success.

phone buttons.
phone buttons.

I have got to say with hand on heart that a lot of the time these problems could be resolved if the resident themselves would just pick up the phone and report what they see to the police or council, instead of knocking on my door for me to do it on their behalf.

I’m now at the point where I am getting a little fed up of being a lone voice on such subjects as anti-social behaviour, drugs, fly tipping and so on.

I have often put myself on the front line so to speak, for the residents of Duke Bar, only to find my property damaged, graffiti, verbally abused on the street and even assaulted, Why? All because I care about the people and the area in which I was born and have lived in all my life.

So please, please people of Duke Bar, pick up your phones and ring the people that matter both the police and the council, as we all need to address these problems in our area and not just one or two of us.

Brian Tomlinson

Cobden Street

Duke Bar