Eye-watering stench from abattoir

Am I the only person in Colne with a sense of smell?

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Since moving to the area in 2007 I have been in regular contact with the Environment Agency about the eye-watering stench that lingers around the abattoir close to the Nelson and Colne boundary.

Their reply is always the same: no-one else complains!

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I do understand it is a major employer in the area and am not trying to do anything that would jeopardise that.

I simply think that given that it is in a residential area, it does have a duty to get along with its neighbours and make it possible for us to sit outside and enjoy all this lovely weather without retching.

Surely this is reasonable? Have the local people put up with it for so long they have simply given up or am I imagining it?

E. Hurley

Ivy Street