Election is over now - stop complaining

The election is over. Can we all get back to what the local paper is all about: addressing local matters?

Teaching and teachers, local school successes and local unsatisfactory situations and positive ways to tackle them, no negative carping.

Let’s hear from heads and teachers and parents about anything troubling them. What is the point of school governors?

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Do they identify problems before Ofsted inspectors or are they just local politicians who add it to their CVs?

NHS: save it, is a great slogan.Let’s hear from our doctors about their problems.

Can you honestly expect your doctor to be available for you 24/7?

We have three local hospitals: Airedale, Burnley, Blackburn. That is our NHS.

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If they are failing in some way, let’s hear it from the doctors, consultants and especially the nurses on why and what needs to be done.

But let us the public give praise and not a continual moan and you the local press, yes, highlight failings but let’s have some positivity!

Town councils and councillors have a thankless task which will get harder.

They are going to be landed with numerous extra tasks, toilet and bus shelters being only two of them, and will have to raise and justify a rate precept without anything for their labours.

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If you want to moan, get on your local town council. You do not have to be a political party member.

Fracking/windmills, solar energy.

Yes, national energy matters but we want local answers to a local issue.

Solar panels: do we want them on an industrial scale or even on our public buildings?

Our towns and villages, our areas, our lives: they are ours to identify and ours to solve by positive actions and solutions.

Derek E. Mann

Knotts Lane