Easier to join SAS than get a Blue Badge

Your letter of June 27th by Colin Eastwood entitled about the impossibility of applying for renewal of a Blue Badge certainly struck a chord with me.

My mum’s badge expired and I tried to renew it for her. Nobody knew how to do it: the doctor, social services, Colne Town Hall all suggested each other as the source of help, all said when I find out will I let them know as they have been trying and found it impossible too. It’s easier to join the SAS or MI5.

Search online (how many elderly people have IT access?) you find a number to ring, do so and you are told to apply online; then the nightmare really begins. They make it impossible for normal folk to do it. OK, they need to stop the system being abused, I agree with that, no problem, but it makes it impossible for everyone else.

Don’t say go to Yarnspinners and pick up the phone: the nightmare begins all over. Lancashire County Council hold your head in shame.

I’ve found quite a few folk have had the same experience. It is impossible. Colin Eastwood you were 200% correct.


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David Strachan

Moorhead Street