Don’t put off candidates for top job

John Rowe wrote that he won’t miss Steve Rumblelow and suggests we look to Pendle’s model. I think both statements are naïve and puerile with no facts with which to back them up.

For many people in Burnley right now, believe that our prospects for jobs, growth and infrastructure spending have never been better in living memory. Does Burnley have its problems? Of course it does, so does just about every other provincial town in the North of England.

Who is responsible for this turnaround in fortunes (and there is still a long way to go) is debatable. I would suggest it is a team effort from the council, employers and the public, pulling together, importantly in the same direction. But that team, just as the football club does, requires a leader.

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I would suggest Steve Rumblelow has fulfilled that role very well indeed. Will he have made mistakes? Of course. Will he make any in the future? Undoubtedly.

Mr Rowe suggests we should get someone who has run a business. Well, I frankly doubt someone of Steve Rumblelow’s ability would be attracted to the salary and certainly not the unsubstantiated petty criticisms levelled from time to time through this paper and other media outlets.

I suspect Sean Dyche is paid a million a year. Perhaps Mr Rowe could run the team? It would certainly mean another £1m. to spend on players. I suspect, however, it wouldn’t get any support from any quarter. On the basis we are bottom of the Premiership in Mr Rowe’s analysis it would make Dyche the worst manager in the league.

However, the definition of management is “making the best use of the resources available”.

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Steve Rumblelow will be seriously missed by Burnley and while it is absolutely right people can comment and criticise the costs involved in finding a replacement, it is important we unite behind the council leadership to recruit the very best candidate for the job (within our budget) and don’t put them off the place before they even start.

To suggest Pendle is a model to follow is amusing, I was only speaking to a senior Government officer last week when we happened to discuss the potential merger of Burnley and Pendle authorities and he said how Pendle looked upon Burnley with great envy.

Steve Rumbelow has had the guts to apply and accept the job at Rochdale, in my opinion given the appalling allegations of mal-administration and child abuse, is not dissimilar from taking over Rochdale Football Club.

Perhaps Mr Rowe would like the Express to publish his CV and then we can all comment on it?

Andrew Brown

Crow Wood