Don’t forget we’re voting in local elections. too

Have we forgotten that Pendle Council is also having an election on May 7th?

Colne Town Hall.
Colne Town Hall.

In all the talk about which political colour will win in the Westminster horse race, little has been written about which councillors want to represent us for the next four years.

Local government does not seem to interest the Greens or Purples or other protest groups.

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Yes, they stood for Europe and removed MEP Chris Davies, who, year in, year out, told us what he was doing constructively within the European Parliament, but then he was a Liberal Democrat.

Sajj Karim is a Conservative, another who when elected has worked hard for the North West.

Have you heard anything positive from those UKIP members about what they do?

As usual here in Pendle, it will be Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dems who will be after your vote and attempt to run Pendle with less and less resources from Whitehall, whoever and whatever Government we end up with.

When UKIP or Greens are prepared to put themselves forward for the bread and butter of local politics and not just complain about wind farms, housing in the wrong place, the amount of litter, dog mess, bus shelters and local health concerns – and not get paid for the trouble, they can be taken seriously.

Derek Mann

Knotts Lane, Colne