Dog laws should be enforced rigourously

It’s good to see Pendle Council is now having a public consultation with an online questionnaire.

I guess this is a consequence of the Lib Dem/Tory Executive on the council having to pause their plans to increase the stray dog fines in the face of strong public opposition.

Most criticism has been levelled at this idea saying it is unworkable as people who let their dogs out can say it was accidental and get off scot-free anyway.

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However, I think there is some scope for such a high fine if a dog is found roaming free in a persistent manner.

The real issue is irresponsible dog ownership and the new laws that are soon to be introduced give local authorities greater powers to deal with this problem.

Over a year ago, I asked the council’s Colne Area Committee: “What can be done about young men training up their lurcher dogs to hunt by letting them attack and kill pet cats and smaller dogs on the streets of Colne?

“We know dogs chase cats, but most of these cats are used to domesticated dogs that do not go for a kill.

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“The pet cats are often with their owners’ small children and the danger is obvious.”

The police have since worked with the RSPCA to prosecute some culpable people under the cruelty to animals laws and I applaud this.

Another real and present danger in Colne is dog fouling.

People permitting their dogs to foul without picking the waste up can be fined for dropping litter. However, it’s not just a litter problem. Dog fouling can infect children with toxocara canis and cause blindness.

Please respond to this Pendle Council survey and say these laws should be enforced rigorously.

David Foat

Varley Street,