Does someone have to die before speed limit is cut?

I’m writing regarding recent reports about the 20mph speed limit on the North Valley Estate.
PC Martin Clarke with the speed radar gun.PC Martin Clarke with the speed radar gun.
PC Martin Clarke with the speed radar gun.

While we appreciate the efforts of Coun. Ian Tweedie and others, it must be noted that, at meetings of the North Valley Residents’ Association, the local PCSO was quite clear 20mph is only an “advisory speed limit” and, until it was placed on the statute book, 30mph is the enforceable speed limit.

Also, when we inquired about the possibility of police with laser speed detectors, we were informed a risk assessment would have to be carried out first, before, or if, anything would be done.

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Speed bumps are supposed to be traffic calming devices but while they are the shape of pillows, and so low in height, traffic will continue to weave in and out of the traffic flow to dodge them.

It seems to us, the residents of North Valley Estate, that until someone is killed by speeding traffic then the police and Lancashire County Council will not do anything.

J.M.M. Smart

Chairman of North Valley Residents Association