Do you remember ‘fracking’ earthquakes on Fylde?

Do you remember the earthquakes on the Fylde in 2011? They brought a halt to attempts to exploit shale gas for a time. News of them led to American scientists admitting there had been earthquakes associated with fracking in the USA.
Friends of The Earth Protesters outside Lancashire County Hall as the Fracking bid is refusedFriends of The Earth Protesters outside Lancashire County Hall as the Fracking bid is refused
Friends of The Earth Protesters outside Lancashire County Hall as the Fracking bid is refused

A lot of what goes wrong with franking in the USA is never revealed as compensation is linked to gagging clauses. Americans may well not know their neighbours have received compensation, let alone how much or what for. Much of it concerns polluted water. Some well-off Americans spend as much as $8,000 a year on bottled water. Poorer families have to manage as best they can.

There are ill effects on human health - dizziness, nausea, nose-bleeds, headaches and diarrhoea. These can’t be blamed on imagination because cattle, horses and dogs have miscarried or died from drinking polluted water. They don’t do that just to spite fracking companies! Our A&E departments will be busier than ever.

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Polluted air also causes problems, as do traffic noise, intrusive lighting and the occupation of land by fracking sites.

Recently, the Rev. Michael Roberts, a geologist, claimed fracking was safe if done carefully. Alas, poor practices have already been observed in this country and in “Fracking the UK” Alan Tootill filled more than two pages with instances of explosions, fires, toxic spills and deaths in the USA. Not careful enough!

On the same day, scientists at University College, London, told us 80% of coal, 50% of oil and 30% of gas should stay in the ground. Otherwise, it will add dangerously to greenhouse gas and global warming. Shale gas has a terrible carbon footprint.

Fracking will not mean cheaper gas. It will not bring thousands of jobs. Furthermore, there may be no more than 11 years’ supply of gas to be gained. Think about that; a baby born this year would not have finished high school before gas supplies were exhausted.

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So water, soil and air would be ruined for very little, and human life has been on this earth for much more than 11 years. Many people have protested, but politicians aren’t listening.

On Tuesday, January 27th, Friends of the Earth and Keep East Lancashire Frack Free will hold a free meeting at 7-30pm in the hall at Central Methodist Church, Hargreaves Street, Burnley.

It will be a chance to hear more about fracking and ask questions.

Avril Hesson


Burnley Friends of the Earth

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