Do I really want this man as my MP?

Following the many pages and paragraphs devoted to Nigel Evans, the only issue to my mind is – do I want this man to represent me?

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans

I expect my MP to be dignified and want to be able to trust his judgment.

On both scores, he does not fulfil those aims.

I cannot respect or trust the judgment of anyone who has acted as he did. It matters not a jot whether he was putting his hands down the trousers of young men or young women, it is simply not acceptable.

I would not consider employing someone who acted as he acted.


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Who would want to work with someone like that? I certainly don’t expect my MP, who is paid to act on behalf of his constituents, to act in such a manner,

The court may have found Nigel Evans not guilty of rape, but to my mind he is guilty of behaving in a totally inappropriate manner to continue as my Member of Parliament.

Mrs M. Adamson,