Disgruntled voter dislikes negative campaigning

With reference to last week’s letter, “Are you already brassed off?”... I am Brassed off. What are his policies? All I have learnt is that he doesn’t think Nigel Evans is a suitable MP.
House of CommonsHouse of Commons
House of Commons

No one is perfect. Most people have at least one guilty secret, if not many, they wouldn’t want made public. Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”?

How is Brass going to do any better? He cannot be in two places at once, running his shop and being an active Member of Parliament, whether in London or here. Like other MPs, he would need to write letters to various government departments, on behalf of individuals within his constituency, to then wait for a reply to forward on the person who raised the issue. Would he agree with every individual’s issues in the first place, and refuse to act for those he didn’t?

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How would his one vote make any difference to his constituents? What would he achieve?

I have also had begging buckets shaken at me by Brass supporters in comic costumes.

I am a disgruntled voter, who dislikes negative campaigning.

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