Crowds should have stayed to see final show

I would like to record my congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in Pendle Schools Festival.

What commitment, hard work and patience goes into such productions from the children, teachers, organisers and staff at the Municipal Hall.

The Thursday night programme was provided by three primary school choirs and the staff choir of a secondary school. All gave excellent and polished performances.

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All were received with enthusiasm and pleasure. However, come the interval, almost all the children who had already performed their programme were whisked off home, leaving the audience less than a quarter the size it was at the beginning of the evening.

The effect was that the children of Gisburn Road Primary School, Barnoldswick, and the staff choir of Fisher-More High School, Colne, sang to a very much-depleted audience.

What a pity the same courtesy and respect afforded to schools who sang before the interval was not extended to the remaining two schools.

Furthermore, what sort of message does it send to all the children involved when, having enjoyed their moment on stage, are given the idea it’s not important to support and appreciate the contribution and effort of others?

I am sure the parents and children who did stay until the end of the evening (which ended at 8-25pm) thought, nonetheless, that it was a great event.

Greta Robinson

via email

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