Countdown begins to the General Election

And so it begins, I have my recycling sack at the door ready. I am talking of the leaflets that will soon be flooding through our letterboxes from all political parties on the run-up to the forthcoming General Election telling us why we should vote for them.
Ballot boxBallot box
Ballot box

I will read each and every one, before they get recycled. The first to arrive was from the Labour Party and, of course, being the opposition party, they can bleet about how everything the current Government is doing is so wrong and how they would do the complete opposite.

As I see it, in these current times, whoever is in control at Westminster will have to make difficult decisions. But, nearer home, the Labour candidate Julie Cooper claims outrage at the cuts made to Burnley Council. So does that mean if Labour gets control of the country, Burnley will have thousands thrown at it? I doubt that very much. Perhaps looking at the wage bill for the new Chief Executive may put more money into council coffers.

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Anyway, I digress. Back to the dozens of leaflets winging their way to our doors. Let’s not look at all the sad forlorn faces pictured on the front of said leaflets. Let’s look at what our current Member of Parliament has done for the town and people of Burnley.

It’s no good looking at the graph in the Labour leaflet, stating the decrease in money allocated to Burnley since Labour lost power in Government because, let’s face it, Labour’s frivolous ways with taxpayers’ money didn’t exactly help this country. I know it’s been said many times, but the departing Labour minister did state in a note he left “Sorry, no money left”.

So I for one think our MP has done a decent job for Burnley in his first five years. He has kept the profile of our little town high. Whereas the ex-Labour Council Leader Julie Cooper has done nothing.

Mrs S. Clough

Fulledge, Burnley