Could you help with 2014 Daffodil Appeal?

I am appealing for people to volunteer for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Great Daffodil Appeal, and help people with a terminal illness in Lancashire get the care they need.


Although the appeal doesn’t take place until March, plans for collecting donations are already underway and we need help to make this year’s campaign a success.

We’re looking for people who can donate an hour of their time this March to hand out the charity’s iconic daffodil pin in return for donations.

Marie Curie Nurses, like me, provide free care for terminally ill people in their own homes as well as emotional support to their families. Through my work I can see first-hand what it means for patients to be cared for in their place of choice at the end of their lives, surrounded by the people and things they love. This is why the Great Daffodil Appeal is so important.

Donating your time to collect for the Great Daffodil Appeal will help local Marie Curie Nurses like me to provide more free care to people with terminal illnesses.

To join our local team of volunteer collectors call Marie Curie Cancer Care now on 01254 855041 or visit

Thank you for your support,

Eileen Cardwell

Marie Curie Nurse, Lancashire