Could m-way speed limits be cut to 60mph?

Moves that may see motorway speed limits cut back to 60mph on extended stretches of the M1, M3, M5, M6, M20, M23, M27 and M62 from 2015 are a huge step back for motorists who only last year were hoping to see limits increase to 80mph.

motorway. Picture Chris Lawton
motorway. Picture Chris Lawton

It comes as no surprise this recent announcement is thanks to EU anti-pollution guidelines in a misguided attempt to minimise the effect of emissions on local populations.

However, if the EU were so concerned about car emissions they wouldn’t have imposed a 2008 directive that forced new cars to be installed with daytime headlights. This directive to keep headlights on cars throughout the day is responsible for a 1.5% increase in fuel consumption and emissions.

Our motorways are already among the slowest in Europe and considering the arguments put forward by both the AA and former Transport Secretary Philip Hammond that increasing speed limits to 80mph would benefit the economy to the tune of “hundreds of millions” of pounds, slashing the speed limit would be nonsensical.

It is about time the Transport Ministry and Highway Agency stood up to the EU on emissions and keep the limits as they are.


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Paul Nuttall,

UKIP North West MEP