Conservatives want to ‘bring back the stocks’!

Michael Sutcliff and Andrew Stephenson have graced your pages with European matters. Michael also gave us a true Tory view of his hatred of anything Liberal. As a Liberal of nearly 60 years standing, perhaps I can take a paragraph to give a view of Conservatism.

Richard Andrew in the Stocks
Richard Andrew in the Stocks

Conservatives want to restore hanging and bring back the stocks. Church attendance will be mandatory, university entrance to Oxford or Cambridge will be restricted to boys, but only if they went to a public school. Anyone with a skin not considered white or those with strange names to be sent back to the “colony” they came from and will not be able to come here in future! Oh and Bank Holidays will be called Blessed Margaret days! Then Andrew is supporting a motion regarding a referendum on our membership of the EU. We have one already, Andrew: it’s next year when we have elections for the European Parliament.

If you have any thoughts of leaving, vote UKIP. Their candidates want us out – no negotiation will suffice. Whatever party you support, if that is what you want, UKIP is your only answer and they will be on a nice, little earner for the next four years, doing nothing because they wish to leave.

Michael, again through his rosy spectacles, seems to see UKIP candidates as a cut above our MPs and councillors. Get involved in their campaign and I think you will find some very strange ideas.

If, however, you want a strong critical voice in Europe then vote LibDem, the only party which has been committed to a Europe of independent countries joining together to work for the common good.

Of course it is faulty. Yes, it needs reform, but from within not sniping from the outside. All Lib-Dems have voted for their eight candidates and their list produced.

At the top is Chris Davies MEP and there are seven others, a good mix of men, women, from all sections of society. During his years in the EU Parliament, Chris has worked tirelessly on many projects i.e Carbon Capture for power stations and a sensible answer to the EU fishing policy. He has reported back and written to the press numerous times on positive matters much of which is not printed because the media is far more receptive to negative matters.

So Michael and Andrew and all who think like them, forget old party loyalties, support UKIP in 2014. For those who want a realistic European MEP with a positive voice and view of the future, there is only the Liberal Democrats.

Derek E. Mann


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