Clitheroe has great transport links

I do agree with comments raised in letters about the railway by Peter Brass and G.A. Reynolds. I would just like to add that, in October, I returned from London by train one Sunday and was delighted to have the option of returning from Clitheroe via Leeds and Hellifield instead of via Leeds and Burnley.

Tuesday, 3rd February 2015, 5:08 pm
FLAGS EYE VIEW: View of Clitheroe from the top of Clitheroe Castle. Photo Ben Parsons

The journey time was an hour shorter than normal and the route far more scenic. At Hellifield I even had time for a quick cup of tea at the very pleasant cafe. It would be wonderful if this route could be offered every day, not just the odd train on Sundays.

Like Mr Reynolds, I too have a bus pass and rail card. I would always choose the train option if there is one available, but one bus service I use on a regular basis is the Skipton service. I have never known a bus service where there are so many differing opinions in summer about whether the windows are open or closed. As one person opens a window, another shuts it. It certainly makes the journey entertaining!

One of my considerations for moving to Clitheroe was the public transport, especially the rail links to Manchester, and it is good to know the service is to become half-hourly. On a recent visit there I caught a packed train home to Clitheroe around mid-afternoon. It was standing room only for many and there were clearly not enough carriages. I do pity anyone who has to commute daily under these circumstances. I do hope all this will improve when the service becomes half-hourly.

People in the Ribble Valley clearly use their rail service and value it and I feel sure that with improvements, it would be used even more.

Christine Waddington,