Christians missed out on great opportunity

We attended a carol service held at the bandstand, which came under the banner “Churches Together”. I have to say I was both saddened and disappointed at the lack of support the event was given.

Nativity scene
Nativity scene

The birth of Jesus for all Christians who take their faith seriously is the most important day of the year in the Christian calendar. Therefore, that service should have been attended by people from all churches in Burnley, resulting in an abundant congregation of believers.

Instead, only a small number of people turned up. Here we had a brilliant opportunity as God’s people to witness on the street to passers-by. Where on Earth were all our young Christians in Burnley who could have made a huge impact on a younger generation with no insight into what it means to be a Christian?

This very important event, which could have made a real impact had Christians taken the time to turn up for it, turned out to be a completely wasted opportunity given to us by God to witness outside the church building. For those who made the effort to organise the event I say thank you but I have to say you got no support from “churches in Burnley” whatsoever and that in my mind is very sad.

The Bible teaches that all God’s people form the body of Christ, that we are all united by the Holy Spirit, that we are all one in Jesus Christ, so why don’t we show this truth by coming together when such wonderful opportunities arise to worship Jesus and show the people in our town we are true Christians.


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Mary Hirst

Alexander Grove, Burnley