Child poverty is 21st Century disgrace

Child poverty is on the increase (image posed by an actress)Child poverty is on the increase (image posed by an actress)
Child poverty is on the increase (image posed by an actress)
The recent child poverty figures for Pendle and, in particular, Brierfield, are an absolute disgrace in the 21st Century.

Since the publication in your paper showing 50% of children in Brierfield live in poverty, I have waited a couple of weeks to see if our political leaders in Pendle were going to do anything.

Nothing has been reported to date, no statements from our MP, Andrew Stephenson, no press release from the leader of Pendle Council, Coun. Joe Cooney.

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I understand Brierfield Town Council intends to bring agencies together to look at ways forward to tackle problems and will be keen to support them. Young people are our future and giving them a good start in life is essential.

This Coalition Government sits back and says the solution is cutting budgets and the economy will take care of itself.

It’s not working, particularly in Pendle. Families at the bottom need a decent living wage.

This is an economic and moral imperative. The Labour Party is committed to real increases in the minimum wage and spreading the movement for a living wage and I hope they can do more. More jobs and decent wages bring children out of poverty.

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It is a fact that the more unequal the society, the greater the likelihood of recession. If people can afford to buy things then producers and shop keepers sell and everyone benefits. Currently we have a government that hits the less well-off and does little to, tackle the immorality of tax avoidance and evasion that occurs on an unbelievable scale.

Coun. Robert Allen