Carers face cuts to allowances

It is estimated unpaid carers in this country save the economy something in the region of £119 billion pounds a year - yet they are being subjected to cuts from social care by councils, and now from proposed cuts to their carer’s allowance as well.
Carers. Picture: Esme AllenCarers. Picture: Esme Allen
Carers. Picture: Esme Allen

Lancashire County Council has recently informed the elderly, disabled and their carers they could face up to 20% cuts to the current help they receive. They say this is due to the fact central government has made such savage cuts to their budgets.

At the same time, we now have leaked documents from the Conservative Party stating they are considering taking away carer’s allowance from up to 40% of those people who currently recieve it. They are also considering cuts to the benefits disabled people themselves recieve.

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Our former MP, Andrew Stephenson, praised the work carried out by unpaid carers, but it would seem the party he belongs to has either reduced or is considering reducing the help disabled people and carers recieve. Perhaps he would like to take this opportunity to comment on the cuts already being implemented and to reassure us the Conservative Party will not take away the benefits carers currently get?

Reducing help for carers is a short-sighted policy that will not only cause a great deal of suffering to those who provide such unpaid work as well as to those they care for, but will ultimately cost the country in real economic terms. I will wait for reassurances from Mr Stephenson or somebody from the party he represents.

Ken Briscall

Hopkinson Terrace, Trawden