Burnley Football Club season ticket pricing ‘utter shambles’

Daniel Black’s defence of the decision to massively increase season ticket prices can only stand if it was made clear at the time that the prices on which the March 31st offers were made would change if we were promoted, and I don’t recall that happening.

Turf Moor.
Turf Moor.

Secondly, I have read that promotion is worth £120m. to the club, which in 2009/10 was free to season ticket holders, at a cost, I understand, of around £2m. to the club.

It is very hard to believe that Barry Kilby, whose never-to-be forgotten commitment this was, can be happy with this utter shambles.

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On a happier note, I see our manager is keen to gain the permanent services of Chris Baird, which I really hope he does. He and Steven Gerrard were the best two midfielders to visit the Turf in our Premier year.

Mr J. D. Mortimer

Edge End Lane

Great Harwood