Brewer’s tax comments leave sour taste in mouth

I have just read your article (Burnley Express) in which David Grant from Moorhouse’s Brewery goes to some lengths to say how unhappy he is with the tax reduction as it applies to micro breweries producing less than 3,000 barrels a year and feel some public comment is required.

Micro breweries are essential for the continuing increase in popularity of real ales being enjoyed lately by everyone (including Moorhouse’s) and they just could not survive without this tax perk.

I doubt very much if Mr Grant was so unhappy with this tax arrangement when Moorhouse’s was benefitting from it before it invested heavily to increase production. Good luck to them but they must have known this tax perk would be lost as one of the consequences of increased production, before their investment.

It surely can’t be that Moorhouse’s is afraid of the competition from the micro breweries, many of whom are producing excellent real ales and provide the beer drinking public with much more choice.

I’m afraid this attitude from a successful local brewery owner leaves rather a sour taste and I for one will be thinking twice about buying Moorhouse’s ale in future (even though I enjoy it). I will stick to local micro breweries’ excellent ales – and not due to cost!


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CAMRA member