Bonfire Night attack on Lord Nelson pub

I am writing this letter because I wish to make a public statement about the treatment of Brian Parker (a BNP councillor in Nelson).

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On December 1st, during a Nelson Area Committee meeting, Coun. Parker was subjected to a totally unacceptable tirade of insults and abuse by Muslim councillors.

The reason for the verbal assault was because of a question Coun. Parker asked the representative from the police who was in attendance to report on the fight against crime in the Nelson area. Coun. Parker was troubled as the policing report lacked any mention of the serious breakdown in law and order that took place in the town centre on bonfire night.

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By any measure, what happened on bonfire night was a major incident: approximately 40 men with scarves wrapped around their heads launched an unprovoked attack on the Lord Nelson pub. The attack began by the throwing of fireworks into the pub. This was followed by the beating-up of customers, many of whom suffered serious injuries. Victims of the attack believe the perpetrators of this crime were of Muslim origin.

It is worth making the point that none of the other councillors made any attempt to do their duty and ensure this major incident was properly dealt with.

It is also the case that the media failed to report on this issue. The Nelson Leader is particularly at fault as this paper is especially tasked with informing the people of Nelson of what is going on in their town. The fact the Leader could only spare a couple of sentences hidden deep within the paper to deal with a story that fully deserved a front page spread is deeply regrettable. In order for democracy to function correctly, it is essential the media report accurately on current events. It is their duty to do so and they are obviously failing in this duty.

When one group of people humiliates, abuses and exploits another group and the victim group remain silent and accepts the mistreatment without complaint then that is the social cohesion that exists in a slave society. It is the peace that is enjoyed by a subjugated people at the hands of their conquerors. We must all try to follow the example set by Coun. Parker and find the courage to do our duty and address these problems.

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Adam Walker