Ban animals performing in circus

The local community’s concern for the animals, and opposition to their use is testament to the fact most people do not want to see wild animals forced to perform in circuses – a Government consultation found a resounding 94% of respondents back a ban on wild animal acts.

elephant. Photo: Patrick Fowler/PA Wire
elephant. Photo: Patrick Fowler/PA Wire

The Government has pledged to ban what it calls an “outdated practice”, but progress has stalled and your help is needed to secure the ban before the next General Election. Please encourage your MP to get behind a new backbench bill that will be tabled in September to ensure its swift passage through Parliament. See for more information.

Over 200 local authorities already have bans prohibiting wild or all animal acts from performing on public land, and we urge all local landowners to follow their lead and not permit animal circuses to use their land.

Jan Creamer

Animal Defenders International