Apology to David Roper

Following an article published in the Burnley Express, Friday 7th October 2016, Ightenhill Parish Council wishes to correct and clarify the information which was provided.
David RoperDavid Roper
David Roper

To adhere with local government legislation and discontinuing in his role on the parish council, David Roper resigned from his position due to personal reasons.

While members of the Parish Council voted to deselect Parish Councillor Roper in a private and confidential part of the meeting held on the 19th September, for this administration to be legally confirmed, Burnley Borough Council’s Monitoring Officer would have to approve the process via local government procedures and guidelines.

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Therefore, David Roper’s resignation explains the reason why he vacated his position on the Parish Council and the deselection process is not the legally recorded decision.

The Parish Council wishes to add that David Roper is very welcome to attend and report at future meetings as a resident of Ightenhill and in his capacity as a Burnley Borough Ward Councillor along with the other ward and County Councillors for the area.

In a letter sent to David Roper, the Parish Council expressed their thanks for the good work he had conducted during his time as a Member and sent their good wishes for both his short and long term future.

Also in the letter, the Parish Council added that they also look forward to working in partnership on local schemes for the good of the parish and residents.

The Parish Council wishes to submit a public apology to Councillor David Roper for any offence and confusion and to clear the matter up.

Clerk to Ightenhill

Parish Council