Another large housing estate being planned

I think it is important that people who live in Clitheroe and enjoy this green and pleasant land are aware we still have local landowners among us planning to apply for planning permission for another large scale housing development on the edge of our town.

This development would mean the destruction of the large green gateway that welcomes visitors to the town and where the majestic castle can be viewed in the context of Clitheroe as a small market town.

This beautiful entrance to the town would be replaced by a development of 600 houses, industrial units and the obligatory fantasy school. It would also involve the construction of a large road cutting a swathe across our fields and bring huge amounts of traffic out onto Whalley Road adding to the already ridiculous congestion at the A59 roundabout which most of us face on a daily basis.

It really is time for these landowners be named and shamed and asked to explain their reasoning for wanting to add to the destruction of our town, the town in which they have lived for generations.

The answer is obvious though isn’t it... money!


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Has the core strategy been accepted yet?

Wasn’t April when the council was supposed to have responded to the Government inspectors recommendations and does the core strategy, if it ever gets accepted and signed off, prevent developments on this scale from being forced through?

Am I the only one who has lost faith in our bureaucratic system??

Lets watch and see if the council will fight another plan for a large development when it arrives. Lets hope so.


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