Aldi would be good for key site

Regarding last week’s letter headed “Key site – Barkers site needs resolving”:


1. Do we really need any more housing in Clitheroe considering the proposed massive expansion plans in the Ribble Valley?

2. The proposal for a new discount store would bring more competition for the benefit of customers in these days of economic climate.

3. The current four supermarkets car parks are always full thereby identifying the need for another (preferably discount) supermarket. Even more so with the proposed multi-family housing developments which are coming to the Ribble Valley.

4. Having an Aldi store on the edge of town would help alleviate traffic congestion in town.


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5. Last but not least, with the proposed threat of the closure of the Job Centre, the number of new jobs to be created (20 full/20 part-time) would be more than welcome.

Mr Penson

Highmoor Park