Adults set a bad example for children

There was a lot of comment about the litter situation last week, all of which appeared to miss the cause.

The fact it is irresponsible parents who set bad examples. They don’t dispose of litter properly so the children do the same. Peer pressure may cause similar action by others who have been set good examples. Apparently the liability of incurring a fine is no deterrent.

Most smokers seem to operate as if they are totally exempt from litter law. Not just the “fag ends” but outer wrapping, the inner paper/foil slip and eventually the empty packet. At one time I had considered taking pictures of the paving outside popular haunts and using it a a quiz to identify the locations – it doesn’t seem quite as consistent at the moment.

A similar obvious lack of parental irresponsibility relates to vehicle use, where drivers with children on board contravene every bit of parking legislation. Parking on the pavement, in the wrong bays, on double yellow lines etc. starts with babies in cradles. When they get into driving they will adopt the instilled norm.

The adults do not even think about how they are contaminating the minds of the children.

The was an excellent example by the police in Whalley Road last week as I was exiting the supermarket car park. A car had been “pulled over” and had stopped on the quite wide road next to the pavement. For no obvious reason, the police vehicle was parked with two wheels on the pavement. If they can do it, why not every one else?

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