Action needed before someone dies at danger junction

I wonder if any readers were witness to what could have been a very serious (possibly fatal) collision at the traffic light junction on the Whalley/Accrington Road and the A671 at Spring Wood on April 1st at 4-45pm.

The junction at Spring Wood.
The junction at Spring Wood.

I need the registration number or just the name of the wagon involved. The vehicle “jumped” the lights on amber at high speed travelling towards the A59 and almost hit our vehicle, a small red car turning right towards Whalley.

Having waited on red at the traffic lights by Spring Wood, we moved into position and waited to allow all the traffic travelling towards the A59 to pass. We then proceeded to turn right into Whalley as the lights turned to amber and vehicles were clearly coming to a halt.

The wagon did not stop with other traffic, but continued at high speed and there was almost a collision, which could certainly have involved not only my vehicle, but other vehicles waiting to exit from the Whalley Road.

Which brings me to another request – I suggest the proposed reduction on this junction to a 50mph speed limit will be useless. What is needed is for all traffic on the A671 moving towards the A59 to be held at a standstill on a continuing red while a filter green arrow gives priority to traffic making the right turn into the Whalley Road. Only then would it be possible to proceed safely.

If you are familiar with this junction perhaps someone with more expertise than I could set up an online petition to persuade the authorities to realise that not only is this junction famous for serious accidents, but there are also unreported near-misses. We need action now before someone dies!

Mrs Gertrude Robins,

Manorfields, Whalley