A poem About Dementia

Through My Father’s Eyes

dementia awareness week. (D511A420)
dementia awareness week. (D511A420)

I may look lost but I still see, all those who love and care for me, my heart is broken, my head in tatters, what’s happening to me, what is the matter? The future has changed, my plans and my dreams, the things I’m forgetting, what does this mean.

All I see is a person so fit and so strong, so funny and good humoured, where did it go wrong,

I’m scared and so anxious and crumbling inside, the life that I knew I feel has now died, I’m left with my body still working and fine, but my memory’s going fast, wonder what’s down the line.

The things I remember the good and the bad, most of the happy but one very sad, I’ll never forget that time of my life, with my children around me and my Sandra, my wife , These memories will stay deep down in my heart, this disease cannot take them, I will never let them part.

To all those who help me through each current day, I appreciate you all in every single way, I wouldn’t get by on my own anymore, things I once did have now gone out of the door,

The races I ran and marathons too, my team I support yes Burnley that’s you, you’re doing so well gosh the Premier League, I knew you could do it, I always believe, I just wish I could see you through my old eyes once more, but I’m still a great fan, the Clarets to the core.

I hear all your voices the songs that you sing, the memories you talk about I hear deep within, I know I don’t say much but I still understand, more than you realise when you sit and hold my hand, It’s important to live your life to its best, with fun, love and laughter, please don’t feel depressed.

I know I’m still young and this disease so unkind, but I’m luckier than most it’s only my mind,

The person you knew will always be there, remember how I used to be and please say a prayer,

Not just for myself but for all others, perhaps parents or friends or sisters or brothers, Whoever you know who is suffering too, hold their hand, sing a song and they’ll smile back at you.

I hope that one day there may be a cure, let’s not increase the amount of people with dementia, let’s try and make it fewer,

Please support all the staff who help people like me, please dig deep in your pockets for the Alzheimer’s society

By Catherine Lister for her father David Wright

To mark Dementia Awareness Week