A few low energy bulbs are pointless really

Probably thinking the choice of venue would add gravitas to the event, 9,000 officials from 192 countries, including 45 from the UK, led by Energy Secretary Ed Davey, flew (note mode of transport) to Lima, Peru, to discuss how to slow global warming.
Global warming - caused by emissions? Or all hot air?Global warming - caused by emissions? Or all hot air?
Global warming - caused by emissions? Or all hot air?

The talks began optimistically with China and the US agreeing to reduce carbon output but, after three days, ended with a fudge which postponed the most difficult decisions for another year.

In the meantime, Germany is building 30 new coal-fired power stations, India refuses to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Japan’s emissions are at a record high, and China, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluter said it will let emissions soar until 2030. So nothing new there then!

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Before jetting home, Ed Davey said: “We have unlocked the door to the big climate change deal we need in Paris next year.” A phrase no doubt thought up by spin doctors.

Needless to say, the doom mongers at the BBC led the news bulletin with the usual shot of an iceberg collapsing into the sea. Something which most people know has occurred naturally for thousands of years.

Finally scientists are warning that trendy wood-burning stoves are fuelling air pollution. They have found

burning wood generates minuscule particles that can raise the risk of heart disease, trigger asthma and shorten lives. It makes you think that putting a few low energy bulbs in your home is totally pointless, doesn’t it?

G. Metcalfe

Smith Street, Nelson