20 potholes left after resurfacing

Following your report regarding the percentage of funds allocated by Lancashire County Council spent in Nelson, I hope it was better spent than the money spent on resurfacing Keighley Road to the roundabout at the top of Heifer Lane, Colne.
pothole (s)pothole (s)
pothole (s)

Despite the fact that large areas of this length of road were recently resurfaced I have managed to count 20 potholes which are still present and judging from previous experience, these will remain for a considerable length of time.

For several weeks previous to the work being carried out, this length of road was marked as to where repairs were required. I do not know who was responsible for this marking but I think more care could have been taken to ensure it was a comprehensive survey rather than the very poor outcome which has been achieved.

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As we are all aware, this is a very busy stretch of road with parking on both sides and should perhaps deserves a little more care and attention than it has received on this occasion.

Terry Lane

Lachman Road, Trawden