Let's keep those talents, skills and hobbies discovered in lockdown alive and kicking | Tracey Smith

Let us go back to March, 2020. Little did we know at that time what was heading our way.
Lockdown helped Tracey Smith discover a talent and passion for pebble paintingLockdown helped Tracey Smith discover a talent and passion for pebble painting
Lockdown helped Tracey Smith discover a talent and passion for pebble painting

The sun was shining, we would go on the hunt for that elusive toilet roll and queue patiently at the supermarkets

along with supporting one another along the way.

The cafes, bars and restaurants, and the majority of our local businesses, started to close, and furlough became a new word in our diction. Again, we had no idea what was to be for the next 12 months.

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We adapted quickly. We flocked to the garden centres and DIY shops in a bid to get the jobs done we had

put off for so long. So many projects we had talked about in the pastbut never had the time to see them through were now a possibility.

Our social lives were stopped dead in their tracks. I for one was finding working at the hospital increasingly stressful as we had to think on our feet how we would adapt and change the way we work in order to protect our staff and the general public. I needed to find a way to unwind at the end of the day and during the long weekends.

It was then I started to paint pebbles. I have never painted, nor have I have been artistic. But you have

got to try these things.

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I found it so relaxing. It was great trying new ideas with my painting and sharing the photos of my pebbles on Facebook My friends were soon asking me to make them a pebble or two.

For a small donation to Pendleside Hospice I would paint whatever they would want within my capabilities. It was fantastic relaxing in the garden in the sunshine learning a new skill. I have been astounded at how many people I know that have embarked on some new skill or hobby or rekindled an old one.

One of my friends completed all the knitting she had started in 1970 and 1980 as she had never had the time before. A few more of my friends learned a new instrument, a language, baking and crocheting.

It is also lovely to see our local bands finding time to write new music which we are looking forward to hearing now that lockdown is easing.

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After doing a little shout out on Facebook this week I was blown away by the response from people that

had turned their hands to new hobbies.

These ranged from growing fruit and vegetables, gardening, DIY, learning the ukulele, guitar, piano, drawing and painting, exercising, walking, and cycling. This list is endless.

I call this self-survival which in turn helps to keep yourself happy and occupied.

As things start to re-open in the coming months and we become social butterflies again, I really hope we all continue with our new found hobbies and creating beautiful things to surround ourselves with or to gift to others.

You can teach yourself anything with the help of Google! Why not try something new or rekindle something you used to enjoy doing?